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SEAFM is a growing organization with numerous projects happening all at the same time, and all are in great need of increased financial support. We ask you to step out in faith and commit to partner with us in a specific project that speaks to your heart as you look through the next pages. Mobilize your church, family, or friends to join you in financing projects. The people in Laos are among the poorest in Asia, more than 25% survive on less than $1 per day. Although the Church is growing in incredible numbers every day,, less than 1% are Christian. Our hope is that you will set aside a few dollars a month to make an incredible impact in these people's lives. We know we cannot continue to grow and spread God's love without people like you praying fervently and giving financially. Please prayerfully consider making a commitment with us today. Matthew 25:34-36 "Then the King will say to those on his right, 'come, you who are blessed by my Fatherů.'"




relations between the government and the Church. As we meet the physical needs of the people in Laos, we strive to demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ with each person we meet. We are friends, missionaries, teachers, doctors, employers, job trainers, and mentors.


Southeast Asian Friendship Ministries (SEAFM) is a Christian Non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization based in Fresno, California. We work in Laos, a country about the size of Utah located between Thailand and Vietnam with population of about 5.5 million people. SEAFM exists to share the love of God with the people of Laos, and to pursue and establish relationships with Laos. We cooperate with the Lao government to help in the development of economic, educational, and social objectives. We do this by funding and staffing projects in Laos that partner with others to help to people in need. We are based in the capital city, Vientiane, but we work all throughout the nation to help the poor and improve

SEAFM existed from 1985 to 1999 as a center offering aid, education, and job training for refugees to Fresno, California. In 1999, SEAFM modified its main focus to help people overseas in Laos. Founders and Directors Bounkham and Khamla Nounvilaythong came to California in 1980 as refugees from the war in Vietnam and Laos, and after teaching and pastoring churches in California , they were sent back to Laos by the Lao government to help promote a better understanding between Lao Christians and the government. Since 2000 SEAFM has developed honest and open relationships with government officials in all of Laos' 18 provinces and 47 of its 128 districts, primarily through its distribution of medical equipment, medical supplies, and clothing. Relationships with high officials in the central government have also been developed as we have worked together towards common goals.. Pastor Bounkham's primary role in Laos is often a mediator between the church and government, as he trains leaders to work together and intervenes as needed.We believe that this direct ministry of reconciliation is unique among Christian organizations serving in Laos. In the past ten years, SEAFM has earned the trust of the Lao government and the people, and we are continually amazed as God opens these doors and uses SEAFM to spread the gospel in a holistic way.